You know very well, that without your A-Level
we won't open any business!

- Think about your Mommy!
- Guard her soul, O' Lord.

Mommy ?
Since I remember anything, I can recall only
your muzzles!

Shut up and listen !
Princess. We're leaving you with Edi.
He's coming tonight, and you've to learn everything

For if you fail your A-Level, I don't know what I will
fucking do!

Can you hear me ?! We're doing all of this for your

We're going out tonight...
...we'll come tomorrow morning, and we'll unlock
the door, aight ?

Princess, come on.
Shall I buy you anything nice ?
Fuck you!
Just look how pert she has become!
Eh, she's a whipster.
What kind of person is the title hero of
Juliusz Slowacki's drama ?

He's dirty, swollen, and stinks like vodka!
What values does Shakespeare's drama called
"Romeo and Juliet" show to the present-day reader ?

It gives keys to a dumbass and orders him to guard
somebody for vodka and sausage.

You've got to pass A-Level exam.
I don't have to do anything.
It's for your own good.
For my good ?!
What can you know about me ?!
They don't give a fuck about me, all they
care about is my school report !

So that...
...they could open their fucking joint !
So that they don't have to trade booze illegally anymore!
- It'd be better if you started learning.
- Fuck it!

What type of love does Shakespeare describe in
"Romeo and Juliet" ?

Type of love ?