Eight Legged Freaks

He said a lot of things near the end.
I'm not selling the mine.
Chris! Wait up!
-You're being foolish.
-Back off.

Your father was delusional.
Shut the hell up about my father.
I'm warning you.

Since when did you care about
the mines?. You've been gone 1 0 years.

Don't make the town suffer...
...because you feel guilty you weren't
around when your father died.

I'm talking to you.
I warned you!
-What the hell are you doing?.
-That's it!

I'm pressing charges.
I want him arrested.

Go home, Wade.
Put some ice on your nose.

Curve around 20 feet away from
the scene of a misdemeanor. Thank you.

Ten years and you have
not changed a bit.

-Lay low for a couple days, all right?.
-Good to see you again, Sam.

Just like old times.
Everything will be sorted out
in the morning.

-So you still like men.
-What are you talking about?.

Nothing. I just saw you staring
at his butt when you handcuffed him.

Who said it's okay to talk
to me like this?.

He's pretty cute for an old-fogy
kind of guy.

He just needs a shave.
Okay, folks. Show's over. Move along.
Night, Sam.
Nothing to see here, folks.
You don't have to go home,
but you can't stay here.

Honey, give it a rest. It's so late.
It's almost midnight.