El Otro lado de la cama

My love.
Why don't we introduce Pedro
to your friend Nuria?

She has a boyfriend, and Pedro's
still in love with Paula.

You know what?
I think it's really touching.
-What about Lucia?

She's sweet, pretty
and no boyfriend.

Of course not.
She's a lesbian.

-Lucia from the theater group?

No shit!
She doesn't look like one.

In your opinion,
what do lesbians look like?

Like lesbians. Short hair,
checkered shirt, glasses...
very nice. You might as well say it
while scratching your balls.

So that makes me a lesbian.
Sonia, I have nothing
against lesbians.

Though that shirt
isn't very feminine.

So Lucia and Pedro...?
-Lucia's a lesbian!
-Okay, okay!

-You said we're all bisexuals.
-Just drop it.

Lucia's happy as it is. She doesn't
need guidance from a stud like you.

I was only trying to help Pedro.
Don't get upset.
So sensitive.
-Sonia, that smells awful.
-It'll go away.

It's going to stink forever.
No, please!
I'll kill you.