El Otro lado de la cama

You look great.
I brought you flowers.

Want to see a movie later?
No, I don't want to do
anything with you.

-Tell me when the meeting's set.
-Where's the copy machine?

Right over there.
''Sending her signals''. Now I see
the signals you're sending.

Of course they're signals.
They're subtle, that's all.

Sure, like buying a place together.
You can't fool me.

-You won't leave her.
-Yes I will.

I'm going to leave her.
And there's no new apartment

Just because.
Besides, would we go away
for the weekend if I weren't sure?

That's a pretty big signal.
Don't be upset. You know
I'm dying to spend time with you.

-We're going away this weekend?
-Sure, it's all planned.

This weekend or next.
Two incredible days, you'll see.

Don't give me that smile again.
-We could do it right here.

-I'm off. I'll call you later.

We'll see a movie.
Don't be angry.
Javi, wait.
I want to tell you something.

Come on.
There's something
I want to tell you.

It's important,
at least to me.

I haven't slept all night
because there's something
I need to hear you say...