El Otro lado de la cama

We have to talk.
Wait a sec.
It's important.
Just wait, victoria.
There we go!
Go ahead.
First of all,
I want you to know that I love you.

And I'm sorry.
But I'm in love.
I've been seeing someone else.
I didn't want to tell you
until I was completely sure.

I think we should break up.
Can I ask you a question?
Could you please explain
how could you be such a bitch?
Because you're a real bitch.
And you know what?
While you were out with
that fool

I've fucked 1 5, 20,
maybe 30 chicks,

all hotter than you.
Which isn't difficult, you're ugly.

You are ugly as fuck.
And you know what else?
These have been the worst years
of my life. I can't stand you.

You don't know how happy
this makes me.

You say the stupidest things.
You're a fucking idiot.

And you stink. And...
I faked every orgasm
I ever had with you!

Go find yourself a brain
on sale somewhere!