Elsker dig for evigt

She looked like Henry Vlll.
- She even dressed like him.
- You're talking about our friends.

She could have made an effort.
A manicure or the occasional
bike ride. Is the sauce all gone?

- I'll get you some more.
- Are you OK?

- He just had so much blood in him.
- Was the car damaged?

- Finn!
- It's a fair question. A new car...

- Are you sure?
- Yes. What did she say to you?

She didn't say anything.
She was afraid and upset.

She asked how you were
and also how mum was.

It's a very typical reaction.
It's psychological.

In crises we look after others.
I mean... women do.

- Give us a break!
- You could learn from it, Finn.

Why don't you go get a tattoo?
Don't be silly, Finn!
She's right.

Niels's dad spent his life
working 16 hour shifts.

The only time he was with his
whole family was at his funeral.

You can't accuse Niels of the
same thing. He's got seven kids...

or however many it is,
and they stick to him like warts.

We've got three, and that was
a lovely way of putting it.

Three, then.
It's just too much.

Well, I wouldn't mind
trying for another.

It doesn't surprise me.
Good luck to you!

- Is there any more sauce?
- No. Funnily enough, not for you.

- There's a drop left here, Finn.
- Thanks.

- Would you phone to see how he is?
- Shall I phone now?... Of course.

- What did they say?
- No news.

- You're sure?
- Yes.

- How long will he be in surgery?
- It could be four or five hours.

- When will they phone?
- As soon as they know anything.