Elsker dig for evigt

Are there any that
don't move like this?

Of course. But then it'll
just be an ordinary mattress.

Obviously. But can't you
get the same quality?

Yes, but as I say, it wouldn't be
an elevating mattress.

Is there a difference
between these two?

In addition to price, this one
is an incredibly good mattress.

You get a lot of mattress
for your money.

It's the Ferrari of mattresses.
Oh, is it? In that case
we'll take two.

And two mattress mats.
Oh, goodbye!
I think that'll do it.

I think we've a couple of bookcases
left for our other customers.

Down I go...
You're mad. I'll pay for it all.

No, you won't.
It's just furniture.

If you win the lottery
you can give me some money.

There may be a couple of day's
delivery time.

That's all right.
I think we'll just stay here.