Jesus says we should forgive
those who trespassed against us.

lt's in the ''Our Father.''
-Grandma, would you like a fruit gum?
-Thanks, love.

Granddad gave them to me.
l won't bother then, love.
Listen, love,
there is something you must tell him.

lt's really warm.
...stuff it, will you?
Good girl.
Grandma's got a letter from Sydney.
Sidney, who?
Sydney in Australia.
-lt's from Mommy, she's in Australia.

She didn't give her address,
but it said Sydney on the postmark thing.

l might have guessed.
She always had the wanderlust,
your mother.

-Grandma said it's hot in Australia.
-lt is.

You can tell her it's not as hot
as the place where her daughter will end up.

-That's it.
-Still no carriages, Dad.

No, son.
Still no carriages.
''Dear Daddy, it's great news that you have
such a good job, doing up that old house.

''I miss you and the boys
and Granddad very much...

''and I hope we can get back together soon.
''What did Granddad mean
when he told me to tell Grandma Daisley...

''that he hopes Mommy
meets a great white in Australia?

''I think it's a kangaroo,
but Mary thinks it's a koala bear.

''I like most of the nuns here.
''Sister Felicity is nice and kind...
''and so is Sister Theresa.
''But Sister Brigid is very scary. ''
ls God good, just and merciful?
Yes, Sister.
''Yes'' isn't the catechism answer, is it?
What does the catechism say?