Justice and St. Jude.
I am Desmond Doyle...
father of Evelyn Doyle, who's been held
in your care without my consent.

l request the return
of my daughter, forthwith.

Mr. Doyle, you cannot have your daughter.
ln that case, my solicitor,
Mr. Michael Beattie...

will present you
with a writ of habeas corpus...

drafted by my counselor,
Mr. Nicholas Barron.

Duly presented.
Duly witnessed.
Thank you, Sister. That's all we need.
-So, it went well, then?
-lt went like a dream.

Desmond remembered all his lines,
and spoke them beautifully.

Laurence Olivier had better watch out.
-You didn't attack a nun, then?
-l did not.

l'm learning the rules of the game.
-What do we do now?
-We wait.

No. That's just what they want us to do.
They'll do nothing for months
and hope that we'll go away.

Nothing will happen
unless we force their hand.

l'll give my old friend Hugh Canning a ring.
Hugh Canning?
-But he's a sports commentator.
-Mostly, yes.

But he does a bit of everything.
May God grant you justice.
-Take this and run along, girl.
-Thank you, Sister.

What is it?
-Eileen, come here.
-What's going on?

''Desmond Doyle, a painter and decorator
from Fatima Mansions, Dublin...

''is a loving father who just wants
to spend time with his children...

''but the powers that be won't let him.
''Desmond's rosy-cheeked
little daughter, Evelyn....''