Femme Fatale

Are you preparing the tea?
Yes, of course.
I'm not just boiling the water.

Oh forget it.
I told you
we should have done something.

It's none of our business.
Oh right.
You read two words and she falls apart.
That's none of our business, I suppose.

It had to be done.
People die and will have to be read.

Did you see the look on her face?
And her hair...
What has she done with her hair?
What do I know about looks?
I'm just a notary, damn it.

What if the kids and I were killed?
Would you give a damn what I left you?

When your gun disappeared
I knew she would do something crazy.

-How do you know she stole it?
-Who else?

Go, check on the tea.
Feeling better, Lily?
Excuse me
but I don't understand...

Now, you just shut up, honey.
save your strength.

You just have to rest.
You have suffered
a terrible tragedy, and...

you need time to get better,
you know.

And if you get the urge to do
anything silly, I want you to call me.

Before we leave...
I want you to answer just one question...
Did you borrow Louis' gun?
Are you sure?
Okay, but if you come across it,
you'll tell me, won't you?

I'll turn the TV on
so you'll have some company.

We'll be back tonight
with some dinner.

Drink your tea while it's hot.