Fickende Fische

Heard from your mum recently?
- I got a card from Kenya the other day.

I haven't even been to Austria.
So? How did it go?
- Don't ask.

He dared to ask if I could
find out if Claudia fancies him!

That tart of all people!
Want a coffee?
No, I'm going to uncle Dieter's.
I've put your things here.

Wait, you have to see this.
Scorpio. Virgo.
One for every star sign.

They're gonna love these.
They'll sell like hot cakes!
Here you go.
Bye for now, Jan.
- Bye.

Now then ... Let's have a look.
Everything seems fine.
How's your appetite?

The new drug combination
appears to agree with you. Look.

Your results have improved
and you put on weight.

But watch out.
When did we start this combination?
- Six weeks ago.

Excellent, let's stick with it.
Have you seen Jonas?

I won't keep you.
- Bye.

I don't know what he's waiting for.
You know what he's like.
All the tedious discussions, instead of
making the end for them a little easier.

Hey, buddy!
- Hey, Jonas! How's things? - Great.

Come onto my private beach!