Fickende Fische

Let's go!
- Have you got another flyer?

Maybe you'd like to come along?
Your hair is brilliant, by the way.

Be happy that he's doing
his own thing for once.

Lena, pass the cognac, I've such a
dry throat. - Father, I don't want you

drinking with the boy around.
You've done enough harm already.

It wasn't my fault.
- Of course not.

Nothing's ever your fault.
Tell him that.

Great! I do all the work
while you chill out.

Do you want something to drink?
Tea? Milk?
Orange juice.
- Cognac for me,

I have such a dry throat.
- I don't think there's any left.

There is, it's in the cupboard.
Thank you very much, dear.
Happy birthday!
- Thanks.

Congratulations, kiddo!
- Thanks.

I bet it's a book.
Hey, cool!
This is from me.
Caro helped choose it.
I thought you could use it.