Fine mrtve djevojke

Sorry to bother your, but I always get lost in this city.
All the buildings are the same. I'm looking for Dr. Peric.

Dr. Peric...

I'm coming. Here I am...
Oh, lady Bara, you again?

I'm embarrassed, doctor, but the kids have
played in the hay again.

They played mummy and daddy, ha?
Oh my, don't hit the child...
Sweet baby, don't be afraid, it won't hurt.

You go upstairs, go on, Bara,
take the children up.

I apologize, but, you know I'm out of cotton wool,
and I thought I might borrow some from you...

...I mean, two girls, you probably have some...
Yes, come in.
What's the matter Ivica? What do you want?
You want me to do to you the same things I do to Daniel?

I told you already that your father
would be mad if we did it. Hi!

Go now, Lidija is busy now, go and buy
yourself an ice cream.

Hi bb! How's work?
Oh Mr. Neighbour, how is your wife,
has happened to her?

Why are you asking?
Your cat is constantly with us, the mailman
has told me he hasn't seen her in a while...

...and you always sign
the pension receipts.

It would be a pity if something happened to her,
after all, a German pension is a German pension...

Leave us alone!
Say hello to our wife!

Hi, I'm Lidija. I live here, so I dropped by to say hello.
Here, this is for you.

Jesus, you did a great job whit this flat.
Man, you can't imagine how morbid was when
Ms. Lazarin lived here. Now, it's totally cool!

I painted mine in purple, it's much better like that...