Who are you?
What do you want?

I have something important
to discuss with you.

I'm working.
I'll wait.
I don't have time to chat
with schoolgirls.

I'm not a schoolgirl, panzon.
Okay. Come on up here.
No. You come down.
Look, I didn't come here
for fun or to flirt.

I've done some paintings
which I want you
to look over professionally,

and I need an absolutely
straightforward opinion

of my work.
You were that girl
in the auditorium.

Yes, I was, but that has
nothing to do with now.

I just want
your serious opinion.

What... what do you care
about my opinion?

If you're a real painter,
you'll paint

because you can't live
without painting.

You'll paint
till you die, okay?

I have to work
to earn a living,

so I don't have time
to fool around just for vanity.

If I'm not good enough,
I have to do something else
to help my parents.

Leave the best one here.
Go home and paint another one.
If this one's any good,
I'll come and look at that one
on my day off.

Orozco is a true artist.
He's tremendous.
And Siqueiros could be great
if he'd pull his head out
of his own ass and look around.