Now, let's be honest.
In the sketches that
you showed me originally,

it was just
some anonymous worker.

He transformed himself into
Lenin of his own accord.

No, you transformed him
into Lenin

because they took shots
at us in the paper!

Do you really think
that my family

is influenced
by newspaper hacks?

I would've defended you.
I will defend you
against any attack

because the work is thrilling.
As always.
But a portrait
of Vladimir Lenin

will offend many people...
in particular, my father.
You see, you're putting me
in an impossible position.

So I'm asking you to please
change this one detail.

It's against my principles.
Yes, well, you've adjusted
your principles

to come to our parties
and eat at our table,

so I hope
you will reconsider.

- Go home!
Go home!
You've got quite a crowd
out there.

Half of them think
you're the devil...

Half of them think
you're a hero.

Tell me honestly
what you think.

If you lie down with dogs,
you should expect fleas.

No, seriously.
This is really frightening me.

Because I'm actually
wondering if he's right.

Perhaps I am being foolish,
risking too much.

Diego, you can't lose.
Forget about
artistic integrity.

You've done better ones
than this, and you'll do more.

But whatever happens,
you have aroused people.

You've made them get passionate
about their ideals.

There's not another painter
in the world who can say that.

He could walk in here tomorrow
and tear it down.

You'd still have won.
Ah, maybe.
He doesn't have the balls.