We are profoundly honored
to have you and your wife
in our home.

Ay, Diego, they're starving.
Let's feed them.

Thank you.
No, i-it's true!
It's true!

I could not believe it!
These people are idiots!

They scream about
Hitler's aggression,

a-a-and then sing
Stalin's praises.

Aren't they the same creature?
Yes, but not exactly.
Of course
they are both monsters,

but Hitler at least
is a madman with a vision.

Vision? He's insane!
Of course he is insane,
but he has the ability
to mobilize the people's minds,

whereas Stalin, he's...
he is so dull.

There is the brutality,
but when you get
right down to it,

Stalin is nothing
but a bureaucrat,

and that is what is
smothering our revolution.

They are the same,
but only in that the insanity
of power has overruled them.

And between them,
they will consume
the continent.

Yes... but a challenge.
Look at us...
Mexican, Russian, French...

in this wonderful new planet

I tell you this, my friends,
in the experience
of my lifetime,

the failure and the pain
have certainly outstripped
the triumphs.

But this has not only
not destroyed my faith...

my faith in reason, in truth,
in human solidarity...

but, on the contrary,
it has made it

I see the hope of the world
in you,

and, from my heart,
I thank you.

Na zdorov'ya!
- Na zdorov'ya!
- Na zdorov'ya!

- Salud!
- Salud!

Imagine living your life
like that...