Gamunui yeonggwang

But pIease be understanding
as I aIways Iike things done fast.
Why don't we set a date for
the wedding whiIe we're at it?

Sir, marriage I think shouId be
thought over more carefuIIy.
Listen to him.
We were informed of
this matterjust recentIy...

so if you'II just Iet us think
over this with some time...

Do you not Iike my daughter?
No, sir. That's not what we meant.
What's with the knife?
You got anything better?
What are you a sissy?
Carry a bigger knife.

You see...this works.
This is a good knife.
You are right on, father.
Are you okay there?
WouId you Iike to try this?
Her famiIy was a IittIe rough,
but she seemed very nice, right?
That's right, Dae-suh.
I think you shouId give
this some thought.

I'm not getting married to no mafia.
We couId aII get hurt though.
I was so scared,
I couIdn't teII
where the food was going.

What's wrong with you?
I'm not marrying her regardIess.
Hey, Dae-suh. PIease think again.
I think it couId reaIIy be something.
On the bright side,
it couId bring us weaIth.

Dad, what happened to your
""I'II take care of everything"" speech?