Gangs of New York

Join the army lads. Three square
meals a day and good pay.

When the Irish came, the city was
in a fever.

Since the time of the great famine
they'd come streaming off the boats.

And they got a right warm welcome.
Go back to Ireland, you
dumb Mick!

You'll remember that!
Get back on the boat, Paddy!
I came only 2 hours down
river from Hell Gate...

..but they all took me
for an immigrant.

Why not?
There were a 1000 different
accents in New York..

..and to the Natives you see,
they were all the same.

Come here to take the chill off
your soul and the weight off your heart.

Welcome to America son, your long
arduous journey is over.

Go back to your own country.
Vote Tammany!
America for Americans!
New York loved William
Tweed and hated him.

And those of us trying
to be thieves....

...we couldn't help but
admire him.

Mr. Cutting. Gentlemen.
Thank you for coming.
It's an honour.

Mr. Tweed?
Sir! Please! Excuse me?
I think your're frightening

Don't mind him, he used to
be an Irishman.

The Five Points!
Murderer's Alley. Brickbat Mansion.
The Gates of hell!
In this wild place....
Look upon the face of this
poor child.

She lives in squalor, in this
godforsaken den of vice and
misery behind me.

Every year the Reformers came.
Every year the Points got

As if it liked being dirty.
Where am I going to go?
The Reverend wants you out
of here.