Gangs of New York

I was the one tried to help

When the Natives took you.
That was you?
Yeah. I thought you was killed.
They just locked me up
You know that.

This long?
I kept trying to escape, you know.
Did more time for that.
So what are you doing back

Guess I missed the place.
Bowery boys.
The Five Points.
Paradise square!

The streets here are always
livelier in the evening.

Who are the gangs around now?
We got the Daybreak boys
and the Swamp Angels.

They work the River
Luton ships.

The Frog Haulers shanghai sailors
down around the bay.

Shortails were rough for awhile,
but they became a bunch of jackrolling

Lolling around Murderer's Alley
looking like Chinamen.

Hellcat Maggie she tried to open
up her own grog shop.

But she drunk up all her own
liquor and got thrown out
on the street.

Now she's on the lay
for everything.

The Plug Uglies they're from
somewhere in the old country.

They got their own language.