Gangs of New York

Flex your head to the teutonic beauty!
Feast you eyes on the magnificent blue...
...of these creatures.
Gentlemen, you see our caged birds well!
How would you like to make them sing?
They could be singing for you.
May God put the spirit of the
holy steel in my spine...

...and the love of the blessed
Virgin in my heart.

Easy now. What did you say?
He's not who he says he is.
He's not who he says he is?
Count you blessings he considers
you a friend!

The only thing he considers every day
and night is how to kill you!

Those eyes want me to take
them out for you!

I'll bury it up you fundunem where
it belongs!

I can read right through them!
They're empty...

His name is Vallon.
Don't do it Bill!
His name is Vallon!