Gangs of New York

Now its good and broke!
I can't seem to get anything
right tonight.

Gentlemen, I leave you in the grace
and favour of the Lord!

You got the sand to give 'm a
grand finale?

Jenny, finest bludget in all
the Points.

She is a prim looking
star gazer!

But I'd check my pockets
if I were you.

Maybe when you're aiming a
little straighter.

Because I do believe she lifted
your time piece.

I let her take it.
I let here take things all
the time.

Enough of this heathen music.
Is that right?
Get rid of these goddamn monkeys.
Strike up boys!
This is a night for Americans!
We always liked a good fire
in the Points.

You generally pick up a swag
and if the cops came along...

:26:53 really got a show.
The municipal police fought
the metropolitan police.

The metropolitan police fought
the streetgangs.

Hurry up before the Black
Joke get here!

There were 37 amateur fire-

They all fought each other.
The Black Joke are on
their way!

Okay boys, get the hoses!
It's the Black Joke!
Go get 'm boys!
Give those Bowery boys

Quick before there's nothing

Go back to the Bowery,
ya bum!

For gods sake. They're taking

In your next time of trouble

:27:43 Tammany first!
It's not too late. You can
still save my house!

Let's go!
I thought you said you
were hungry!

Hats off!
Grab what you can. Let's get
out of here!

We hold in our hearts the memory
of our fallen brothers...