Gangs of New York

May I point out that this building
is burning to ashes?

And may I point out that this
area is the provenance...

...whose blood stains the very streets...
..of my own America's firebrigade.
...we walk today.
And that you lot only belong
in the Bowery.

Also on this night, we pay tribute
to the leader of our enemies.

May I point out that you are
outmanned, outmanouvered...

...and at the moment outfought!
An honourable man...
Am I?
...who crossed over bravely.
Fighting for what he believed in.

There's the Black Joke!
Let's get 'm!
To defeat my enemy, I extinguish
his life...

Clear the way for
Bill the Butcher.

... and consume him as I consume
these flames.

Okay boys, to work!
What's the point?
The fire's near burnt eveything
of value inside.

In honour of Priest Vallon.
Boys forget that one.
Next building over.

In honour of Priest Vallon!
Mustn't let it spread!
Grab what you want from
that one!

What are you doing? There's
nothing wrong with this one!

That's a wound !
I want you all to meet the son of
Priest Vallon.

I took him under my wing...
...and see how I'm repaid.
He saved my life one day so he
could kill me the next...

:29:13 a sneak thief.
Come on. Johnny. Get up!
Instead of fighting like a man.
Leave that.
A base defiler. Unworthy of
a noble name.

You two, on your way!
That'll do Mcgloin.
Spread him out.

I hate blackies. get to watch.
His name's Amsterdam.
How's the beak?
Ain't so bad.
This is fresh meat!
You. You got anything or you
can get out.

We need to tenderise this meat
a bit.

Alright, lets kiss goodnight to
that pretty face of yours!