Gangs of New York

...San Fransisco, California.
You can have anything you want
out there.

These men are pulling gold right
out of the river.

With their own hands.
We're here and need to get there.
Start here.
Go down 'round here.
Up to San Francisco.
The shortest way to go.
Will you go with me?
Hi, Maggie. Rightie or leftie?
Give us a drink.
Help yourself.
Two minutes. Place
your bets.

Gentlemen. The match is due
to commence.

The count to be is,
25 rodents in 3 minutes.

Rouser against the vermin.
No need to fire that, miss.
Or even aim it.

An audience with yor mangled
friend is all I want.

Where are you going, boil?
I'm here to pay tribute
to Bill.

Are you now?
Give it to me. I'll give
it to him.

I've 44 notches on my club.
No thanks. I'll give it to
him myself.

Do you know what they are for?
What do you want to keep, the
money or your teeth?

To remind me of what I owe God
when I die.

My father was killed in battle too.
From me and the lads, sir.
In Ireland, in the streets.
Fighting those who were taking
their privilege.

What only could be got and held...
Mate of yours?
:34:56 the decimation of a race.
Where's he from?
He's not from here, sir.