Gangs of New York

That war is a thousand years old
and more.

We never expected it to follow
us here.

It didn't.
It was waiting for us when
we landed.

Your father tried to carve out a
corner in this country for his tribe.

That's close enough!
That was him. That was his Dead Rabbits.
I often wondered, if he'd lived a
bit longer...

...would he have wanted it to
be more.

Your friend can't look me
in the eye...

...that's not an admirable

No one can look you in the
eye, Bill..

...not when you're playing

Why did you rifle through his
pockets then?

This is whist, it's a
gentleman's game.

Make a gentleman's bet.
For safekeeping.
I am betting large, Bill!
That ain't large.
I thought maybe you could do
with it.

Don't make that noise
again, Harvey.

I like a man who's willing
to burn for his swag.

How do you fair on water?
Come closer.

Closer. I ain't gonna bite!
Blood stays on the blade.
There's a Portugese ship lying
low in the harbour....

...quarantined three weeks.
Get there before the Day Break
Boys strip her.

Maybe you and me wil talk
some more.

Consider it done, sir.
Good boy.
And you...
...whatever you name is.
What is your name?
Amsterdam, sir.