Gangs of New York

What in hell...?
Tell me, this charge. Does it sit
on easy with you?

No. Not uneasy , Bill.
Jimmy..get down!
I wouldn't say that.
Jezus..that'll bring the
harbour cops for sure!

:38:17 allegiance is
to the law.

Out of the way!
I'm paid to uphold the law.
Let's take a look.
Jezus..they killed everybody!
There's nothing here but...
Watch it....dead sea crabs.
Come on! Let's go.
Shove off!
No. Wait for Amsterdam!
What in heaven's name are you
talking about?

Where is Amsterdam?
Take him, damn fool!
What in the hell for?
You may have misgivings, but don't go believing
that, Jack. That way lies damnation.

Look in my glims. I said no
less than 15!

Is this fresh?
Four hours most.
Much obliged, gents.
I'm in no danger of
damnation, Bill.

What's that word?
It means bodysnatchers.
I didn't ask the meaning.
I asked the word.

Here's the thing.
I don't give a fuck about your moral conflicts...
That's a good word.
:39:16 meatheaded shit sack.
A fresh outrage in the
Five Points.

That's more or less the thing.
A notice that you can
be proud of.

I want you to go out there. You
and nobody else.

Thank you.
Low thing, to do that to
a body.

None of your little minions.
I want you to go out there...
Why? They could've left that
ship with nothing.

...and I want you...
Instead they made the Police

A periodical of note.
:39:35 punish, the person...
A body is supposed to stay
beneath the earth....

...who's responsible...
...wearing a wooden coat...
..until the resurrection.
These two are just a pair of
bug eating sons of Irish bitches.
Just like you.

...for murdering this poor
little rabbit.

Don't seem to bother them none.
Maybe they don't share your
religious scruples.

Maybe they're just a couple
of fiddeling bends.

Is that understood?
I've been called a lot of things,