Gangs of New York

..I don't want to appear forward.
Well sir, that depends on what you

It hurts too much.
Just kill me.
Would you call me wreckless, if I say
that you are the prettiest girl
in New York?

Only New York?
Just kill me.
This is my stop.
Please. Please.
May I walk with you a little

That sir...would be too bold.
Please. Please.
I'm sorry, Johnny.
For every lay we had a
different name.

An Angler put a hook on the
end of a stick...

Oh, Mary mother of God, pray
for us sinners...

:47:05 drop behind store
windows and doors.

...on the day of our death...amen.
An Autumn diver picked your
pocket in church.

Rest in peace, Ma.
A Badger, gets a fellow in bed
with a girl...

..and robs his pockets when
they're on the go.

What are you doing here, boil?
Jenny was a Bludger..
...a girl pickpocket.
And a Turtle dove.
What's that nigger doing in
this church?

A Turtle dove goes uptown...
...dressed like a housemaid.
Picks out a fine house...
What's a Dead Rabbit doing with
the Natives,huh?

...and goes right through the
back door. Robs you blind.

No niggers among the Natives.
Niggers as robbers is
one thing...

...but niggers in a church,
that's something else!

It takes a lot of sand to
be a Turtle dove.

You run with the Natives, you go
pray with the Natives!

You're going to wind up on a stake
like your man did!

Father! Jezus, do you know there's
a nigger in your church?