Gangs of New York

I'll have my medal back.
Oh, jezus.
Don't do that again.
I said, don't do that!
Go back to the Points
and let me do my business...

...or I will open your throat.
Go on then.
The earth turns...
I would.
...but we don't feel it move.
Go on then.
And one night you look up...
:48:42 spark and the skie's on fire.
It's a touching spectacle.
Give me back my medal.
Make it quick.
We'll come back when you're
ready for us.

I don't know which one's

The past is the torch that
lights our way.

Where our fathers have shown
us the path.

We shall follow.
Suppose I help myself to

Our faith is the weapon most
feared by our enemies...

Suppose you do.
...for thereby shall we lift our
people up...

...against those who will
destroy us.

Our name is called the Dead Rabbits,
to remind all of our suffering...

...and as a call to those who
suffer still...

:49:38 join our ranks.
However so far they may have strayed
from our common home across the sea.

For with great numbers, must come
great strength.

For the salvation of our people.
We don't want your business.
How many other men live here?
You all have to register.
You can't force me to join
no army.

Have you got 300 dollars?
Of course not!
Who the hell's got 300 dollars?