Gangs of New York

I'm offering my boy, to form an
alliance with you...

Some days the uptown gangs
came to us.

...against Bill Cutting and his
slate of Native candidates.

The Schermerhorns were one of the
oldest families in New York.

I'll negotiate a handsome fee, for
every Irish vote...

They didn't run the city..
:51:09 send Tammany's way, in the
coming elections.

...but they were listened to quite
carefully, by them who did.

Commissioner Brunt, said you
wanted to view the Points....

I need a new friend in the Five
Points, son.

:51:15 all its splendor an

Spare nothing concerning the
conditions, said he!

Nothing except our safety,

I'd like that friend to
be you.

I'm sure we can be in no danger
while we're in the constable's
company, my dear!

Now just a moment, Mr. Tweed.
Quite so, madam. Witness!
Suppose we do get you those votes.
Would you back an Irish candidate
of my chosing..

I don't think so.
Shall we continue on?
What if we get you all the
Irish votes?

You dare to leave it there?
Mr. Vallon, that will only happen
in the reign of Queen Dick!

Safe as a bank, Mr. Greely.
They all know it's mine.
Is that man drunk?
Beg your pardon?
That means it will never happen.
Dead as good friday, miss.
Now I might be persuaded to back
an Irish candidate...

...for, let's say alderman.
We've already got an Irish

Good day, Mulraney.
So we have, that's why....
What's bigger than an alderman?
Slum socialable?
Track finding. Reform studying.
May I present...
Alright, Mr Tweed, you back an
Irishman for sheriff...

The Schermerhorns hardly require
an introduction from you, Jack.

...of the city and county of
New York...

Mrs. Schermerhorn and her

...and we'll get him elected.
The gentleman of course is.....
I love the Irish, son...
Mr. Greely. The famous

..but higher than alderman you
shall never climb.

It's a pleasure and an
honour, sir.

Why not?
For one thing, no man living can
consolidate the Irish vote.

Of the Tribune.
I am William Cutting.
I can!
And for another, I mean no

How do you do, Mr. Cutting?
:52:17 one's yet found an Irish

...for sheriff worth voting for.
As of this moment,
extremely well.

How do you do?
Orange blossom. Delicious!
Mr. Cutting is...
What a peach! You had a fine
carreer on the stage.

:52:30 of the Five Points local...
Got me looking as sober as me own

Please to meet you, sir.
Mr. Greely!
He was a great man, I'm sure.
Pleased to meet you,
Mr. Cutting.

The Five Points welcomes you..
He was a drunken bastard.
:52:36 these streets...
..and you shall pas in

Can I say what I want?
I'll see to their safety.
Thank you, Bill.
That's why I wanted you.
This way.
Our elected representatives are a
gang of thieves!

Good day lads.
Criminals who brag
a dote show.

Who swear to better our lot...
He knows who I am!
Inderdeed, sir. You are well
known in these parts.

...while dipping their hands deep
into our pockets.

I stand shoulder to shoulder with
community leaders like Bill Cutting...

I find that strangely flattering.
Never did like crushers.
....against any, an all in roads in
our democracy.

Well draw it mild, son.
Happy Jack don't fill his lungs
without me telling him to.