Gangs of New York

I'll see to it, that no one
takes away...

... what you earned by pluck and application.
To invading hordes of Hibernians.
Go to the polls and put
your mark...

... next to the name Walter McGinn.
Against the potatoes weeders, like
them over there...

...thieving our jobs.
Do you think my watch would be
safe in that lamp post, Bill?

Why should so many Irish die down

...when the first war to win...
:53:20 not down in Dixie, but
right here...

Why don't you hang it
up there and see?

:53:22 these streets!
Who's the finest streetfighter in
the Five Points?

Some day.
Some day is right.
That's right and let the whole
damn city hear it!

Is this the new lad?
That man was right born for this.
just another bastard I folded
in the warmth of my embrace.

He's killed 44 men and laid low a
couple of hundred more.

Is that right?
I should have run him for mayor!
Just wanted to see your face,

Alright, line 'm up.
No harm intended.
It's election day!
Come on, you bastard. We need
your vote.

Bastard? I fought for you

...I lost an arm for you!
Well, that's a start. Come on.
Rise and shine, rise and shine.
This great country of ours, even
hop fiends get their vote.

You get to know a lot by
butchering meat.

Less heart and more haste,

Where are you going ?
We're made up of the same

I already voted today.
Flesh and blood. Tissue. Organs.
Cast for Monk and Tammany, by god!
Only twice? You call that doing
your civic duty?

I love to work with pigs.
Come with me.
The nearest thing in nature to
the flesh of a man, is the
flesh a pig.

Oh no, you don't. Get back and
sit down.

Here's another one!
Clean him up good.
Shave the beards off boys and send
them back to vote again.

Pig, huh?
That's right.
Okay boys, vote Tammany.
This is for you, mother.
What our great city needs is a new
court house.

Here you are.
Now I propose it should be a
modest, economical structure.

God bless you.
Excuse me one moment.
She ain't really my mother.
What is it?
Monk's already won by 3,000 more
votes, then there are voters.

I knew that, Bill.
Only 3? Make it 20, 30.
We don't need a victory, we need a
Roman triumph.

This is the liver.
We don't have anymore ballots.
The kidneys. The heart.
Remember the first rule of

...ballots don't make the results...
..the counters do. Keep counting.
This is a wound.
The stomach will bleed and bleed.

This is a kill.
This is a kill.