Gangs of New York

Some even go so far to accuse
Tammany of connivance..

That my friends, is the minority

:57:05 this so called rampant

What can I do?
I can't have this.

Something has to be done.
Now you tasted my mutton, how do
you like it?

What do you have in mind?
I don't know. Maybe we
should hang someone.

Look, I want you to see this.
No one important necessarily.
Back alley thieves, with
no affiliations.

This is you, right here!
Notch 45, you Irish bug bastard.
How many?
3 or 4.
You stand here convicted..
...of ludeness, jackrolling...
Why don't you burn him?
...sneak thievery, chloral
hydrating, sodomy..

See if his ashes turn green.
...strangulation and corruption
of the public good.

Fortune favours them all!
Chin up.
Handsome bunch of gallows

There's my old friend.
How are you feeling, Arthur?
I'm okay. Okay you know.
Say hello to Amsterdam.
He nearly fish hooked McGloin.

You killed an elected official?
I see that you are dressed for
the occasion, Arthur.

Who elected him?
You don't know what you've done
to yourself.

You know me, Bill. Always
like to look me best.

That's the spirit.
Nice locket. I'll give you
a dollar for it.

It's me mother's.
I know your works.
Dollar and a halve?
You're neither cold nor hot.
So because you are luke warm...
...I will spew you out of my

I'll miss you, Arthur.
See you in the hot
country, Shamus.

You can build your filthy world
without me.

I took the father, now I'll take
the son.

You tell young Vallon, I'm going
to paint...

...Paradise square with his blood.
Is my son present here?
Two coats!
I'll festoon my sleeping
chamber with his guts.

Where's my little fellow?
As for you Mr. Tammany
fucking hall...

Look at your dad.
:58:40 come down to the Points
once more...

Farewell dear boy.
...and you'll be dispatched by my
own hand!

I never struck a foul blow..
..or turned a card.
Now get back to your

...and let me eat in peace.
May God greet me as a friend!
I paid you fair.