Gangster No. 1

"Give me till next Thursday"? Slags.
It's pathetic. Fucking excuses. All sorts!
From "A" to "Z." The whole alphabet.
Two minutes later they're
in the Green Man giving it the big 'un...

... like you're Harry the spastic
or something.

Hold him.
- Wait a minute! What's the problem?
- You are!

- Still, nothing I can't fix with a few tools.
- Come on, don't do anything stupid.

What, like wasting my time
speaking to you?

Remember the last time
we went through all this?

That put a smile on your face, didn't it?
Leather seats? You want to open
the windows in this weather.

Freddie, come on. It's not even my taxi.
It's not even my fucking taxi, you bastard!
Get off me. What are you looking at?
Freddie, don't fucking do it, you bastard!
What are you looking at?
What is it with you Cockneys?
There you go. I've got the name of a bloke
who'll take a look at that for you.

Now let's see that money.
By tomorrow.
- Come on!
- Freddie!

You cunt!
Get back to work, you lazy cunt!
No, please!
Now, let's get this car back on the road.
Come on, Freddie. No, please!
Stop! No!
Now, Giggler, you stay lucky.
Get it off me!
- You all right?
- Yeah.

Very nice.
Like that. Deserves a drink.
What are you having?

Put it on. Here we go.