Gonggongui jeog

Shit, what for?
How can I swing a knife
at a police station?

Do like I said, asshole.
Watch yourself now.
It's dangerous.

This is a sword.
It's used for slicing someone.

Please come here.
Don't be scared.

You slice the neck, the chest,
cut the belly, and it's over!

Thought you were braver.
Now this is a kitchen
and sushi knife.

It's used to stab someone.
Like this and that.
Show off a little.
Stab one and another.
If you stab right,
he's a gonner. Like this.
This is used by young kids.
Once popular with young
Japanese guys, a switchblade.

A switchblade is
also used for stabbing.

It's not him.
Let this bastard go.

Don't know if I should
show you this, too.

He's twisting his knife.
So it doesn't match.