Eight kilometers.
The town's 8 kilometers away.
I'm not climbing.
We have to go back to the road
and wait.

That's enough.
Shut the fuck up already.
Let me think.
The French guy's right.
We have to get to the town
and report back.

You have to decide, sir.
What about Monica?
Forget her.
There's nothing we can do for her.
We have to get out of here.
The sergeant's losing blood.
We have to get Monica.
Vidal's right.
I won't leave anyone behind.
We can't carry two.
See how she's doing.
I'll go.
Not you.
I won't risk
my life for a dead girl.
We're fucking up.
This makes no sense.
Vidal will go.
Go see how she is.
If she's alive, bring her.
If not...
Go on.
Yes, Lieutenant.
We have to follow procedure.
Otherwise we're lost.