Oh, shit...
What a fucking sanitary landfill
on a rainy day like this...

right after going through
such a big business.

What about the scientific
investigation team?

They will be here in a moment,
for I've already made some
contact with them.

What the hell is this!!
It's pouring.
What is it?
What a fast show up!
Why don't you say hello
to these people?

Yes, sir! I'm Kang, Tae-hyun.

We're going, you son of a bitch!
Let's get moving! Hey, let's do
a good job together.

It doesn't look like a mere rape
and murder,

although we cannot tell exactly
what happened before going through
the exact autopsy.

Ahh... it's chilling.
Are you okay?
Ahh... I'm a little scared...
It's the first time for me to come
out for the investigation...

After the guy murdered this girl,
he might have thrown her body
away here...

Such a sick bastard!
He picked out so dirty a place!

No, no... so right a place
Hey! Kang! What are you
doing there, you little punk!