The victim was strangled to death
with a string from behind.

That means the victim was not
acquainted with the murderer.

If they were acquainted
with each other,

she would have recognized before
the guy had seated himself behind her.

Then, it will be wrong to assume
that the murder derived from some
grudge or infatuation.

Right. I don't think that the murder
has been intended in advance...

The motivation of this murder
has yet to be grasped...

What about the schoolgirl found
in a sanitary landfill?

A close examination proved
that the embryo was
extracted by force.

And the blood mark
of the umbilical cord

and that of the victim
do not coincide.

Shin Hyun, who committed
6 murders and surrendered himself
to the police 10 months ago...

did the same patterned thing
at that time...

First, a pregnant high school girl,
and then, a parturient unwed mother.

Those two have something in common
with Shin Hyun's victim in the point
of being in unwanted pregnancy?

And then,
he slew a lesbian, too.

An... an... and then, adding to this,
he cut her ears off... the ears!!

At present, Shin Hyun
is in confinement,

and the same murders
are occurring...

we'll have to see Shin Hyun.