Supposing the menstrual period...
consists of 28 days ordinary women
ovulate for two or three days

after two weeks pass since
the beginning of menstruation.

That is, the even-numbered cases
happened during the ovulation period.

An unmarried Mom, abortion, and...
All the cases are related
to pregnancy!!

That explains why that fellow
had waited for 10 months!!

The guy had to wait until the baby
came out into the world!! After 10
month, he started again.

Did you kill someone else
as you did Youngtaek Heo?
Whom do you mean?
Are you really ignorant of?
What do you know the most
silliest thing is?

It's to be sure of his own knowledge
about something...

Shut the fuck up!!
You bastard!!
You looks excited that everything
goes along as you planned...

Your look...
you know what? The Children's look
who twist chicken's neck

and have fun...
That is the same as yours.
I think you know that every
expression has some meaning
beneath it.

Those who strive hard to
hide themselves...

Those who pretend to be innocent
in spite of toying with others'

Are you throwing those
words to yourself?

You don't understand
the "dimensions" now!

you are just a condemned criminal
who murdered six innocent women

and now awaits your death!!