Hable con ella

The stage is full of wooden
chairs and tables.

Two women come out with robes.
Their eyes are closed.
Like two sleepwalkers.

You get scared...They trip
on everything, poor them.

But suddenly, a man appears.
With a very sad face, the
saddest I have ever seen.

He pushes tables and chairs
out of their way.

You can't imagine how touching
it was.

Someone was sitting next to me.
In his 40s, hundsome.

He cried with emotion,
lots of times.

I don't understand why...
It was very beautiful!

I have a surprise for you!
I have an autograph of
Rina Baus for you.

I had to buy the photo.
It is in english and says:
I hope you surpass all
the obstacles...

... and start dancing.
-She has her period.
-It's early.