Hable con ella

Benigno, You are by the window
for half an hour.

I am coming, mum.
What's the matter? Are you
following me?

This is yours, I think.
It must have dropped you.

is everything there?...
I didn't touch anything...

-Where are you going?

Can I accompany you?
I have nothing else to do.

-Yes, but I am going home.
-Of course...It will do me good.

Dancing is my life.
I love dancing shows.

-Do you like dancing?
-Yes, of course

But I don't follow it.
What else do you do,
besides dancing?

I travel and watch old movies.
Silent Cinema is attractive
to me, in particular.

-Where do you go when you go out?
-I don't.

You should go out.
I was taking care of my mother,
but she passed away 2 months ago.

I am sorry. Mine died too,
years ago though.

Here we are...
Thanks for the wallet.