Hable con ella

-Is it tomorrow at 5 OK?
-Isn't earlier possible?

No, tomorrow at 5.
Your name?
-What do you want?
-I have an appointment at 5.

Come in. Don't stand there.
Benigno Martin?...
I need some proof.

I just wanted to see Alicia,
but I was there, in a psychiatrist.

I decided to tell him I missed
my mother.

I started when I was little.
And all those 15 years
you took care of your mother?

I was always next to her...
I was studying to be a nurse.

I was only going out to the

I was also studying aesthetics,
make-up and hairdressing.

But those by post.
So you did those on your mother?
Of course, and I cut her hair,
dyed it, did her nails.

And I scrubbed her down well,
front and back.

My mother wasn't disabled, or mad.
She was only a bit lazy.
She was a beautiful woman
and I didn't want to let herself go.

-What did your father say?
-Nothing. What could he?

-Is he dead?
-God, no.

He is in Sweden, I guess.
I haven't heard of him for years.