Half Past Dead

Put your guns down.
Hello, Sascha.
I'm Sonny Ekvall.
You work for me.
Nicholas, what is all this?
Caught a little heat.
One of our guys
is double-dealing with the Feds.

Is no big deal.
Just procedure.

- A polygraph.
- Nick was against this.

I see.
He says you are one of my family.
But he always did bring home strays.
That is why I am here.
Are you friend or foe?
I'm a friend.
Sascha Petrosevitch.
You are Russian.
Yeah, I'm Russian.
You got a problem with that?

I am an equal opportunities employer.
As long as you are working the scene
making me money...

...what do I care?
Who did you work for before
you landed in my lap?

- Doing what?
- I ran a highland crew...

...got popped,
did a nickel in Angola.

Just trying to get into
something simple.

I run the biggest crime syndicate
from Eastern Europe...

...to the Pacific Rim.
- That is simple?
- Cars are simple.

You work for any
law enforcement agencies?

Sometimes I work for the CIA,
the KGB...

...the U.S. Marshals, when I got a little
bit of spare time...