Halloween: Resurrection

Michael Myers.
Born October 19, 1957.
Killed his older sister,
October 31, 1963.

Killed 3 high school students,
October 31, 1978.

Also killed three nurses
and a paramedic, same night.

Was believed to be dead,
then killed four students...

Was believed to be dead,
then killed four students...

Hillcrest Academy, 1998.
Has been missing, unheard of,
last three years.

Now he's back.
Carl Jung tells us...
that the human psyche

a figment of ourselves...
that even the collective
unconscious denies.

Good morning, Paul.
It's nice to see you in class.

Am I keeping you up?
What do I mean by all this,

I mean that inside all of us...
there lurks
a dark, malevolent figure.

A kind of boogeyman,
if you will...

that Jung called what?
Stick with me, people.
Take that Kierkegaardian
leap of faith.

Jung said we must
face down our fears...

and face up to the figure
he called...what?

-The shadow.
-The shadow.

Yes, Sara, very good.
Thank you.

I'm glad somebody was awake.
Wow, what a class.