His Secret Life

Bad news ?
Why have you been waiting so long with
informing me about the results ?

That's the procedure.
You are seropositive.

The virus exists in your organism, but
it's inactive.

Keeping to an appropriate therapy..
you can ward off becoming sick.
Medicine has progressed.
We've got to the grips,
one fax was enough.

Next supplies were delivered
without problems.

We will avoid them in the future
as well.

- Giulio, you're going with us ?
- I'm waiting for a phone from Poland.

Your wife will have to make a test
as well.

I don't think so.
We haven't been sleeping together for a long time.
It happened...
Because of my friend's wife.

In Mediolan.
It's a worthy woman.
How am I supposed to tell Elena about it ?

What will she think about me ?
You will have to support yourselves.
In a moment like this, you both will
need help and support.

- We're having a lunch at 1:30pm.
- It's almost 1pm.

I forgot about my mobile,
coming right back.

We've got to go,
we'll talk next time.