His Secret Life

Your Ignorant Fairy."
Your Ignorant Fairy ?
"For Massimo, in seventh
anniversary of our matrimony..."

- Who gave this picture to Massimo ?
- Antonia ?

Giulio, do you know who had given this to him ?
- Are you all right?
- Tell me about this picture!

What picture ?
The one, which came along with Massim's
stuff you sent me.

Simona was probably going into that.
I know you were hiding it, but I've to understand
it right now.

I'll come if you want.
give me Simona's home phone number.

- Should I come ?
- Give me the number!

Why would I store
delivery receipt ?

Because you are pathologically scrupulous.
Massimo always kept on saying that.

- Did he say anything more about me ?
- Why are you asking ?

I work not only for the money.
Find the damned receipt...
...and I'll tell you what Massimo
had been thinking about you.

I assure you, he didn't have a romance.
I assure you, that he had had!
I've found it!
Only the address. Home number,
but there's no surname.

- Don't you know who lives thee ?
- No.