His Secret Life

You knew, that he had a wife!
Take a closer look!
I'm a man

If he had also been with me, then he
surely had a reason for that.

I'm not your rival.
I've never tried to steal him from you.
You have nothing in common with him.
With Massimo I knew.
Maybe you didn't know him well ?
What ?
15 years after marriage
and I didn't know him ?

We ate from one plate, drank
from one glass.

He read in my mind, and I read

He didn't have to ask questions.
And you're trying to say
I didn't know him well ?

I couldn't even go to his funeral.
Do you know, what I still have, after his death ?
A handful of photos.

He has been lying to me.
For years.
Don't you understand?
Now I don't know who he had been.

I came the other day to your examinations,
to your lab.

I wanted to see you.
I won't bear it...
- Do you know, what I thought, when I saw you ?
- No.