His Secret Life

What time should I bring you the supper ?
I'm sorry,
but you are too good for that.

You don't deserve that.
Mr Massimo shouldn't have.
Did you tell Nora
about Massim's romance ?

She's got an obsession. Every time
I mention her about him, she starts to cry.

She has put candles nearly everywhere,
like in a temple.

Did you inform neighbours as well ?
To keep the secret quiet, you have to
tell a chosen person about it.

We're all here in the lab.
Sooner or later every girl has to
face it. You know what men are like.

- You have nothing to feel ashamed of.
- You've told them as well!

It is you, who should be ashamed,
I can't bear you any more!

Get back to your house!
I want to be alone.
Don't you understand, what "alone" word means ?

I came to chop the onion.
I've already cooked it,
but you can eat if you want to.

I'm not hungry.
- But I'm thirsty.
- Come in.

Do you want water, lemonade,
ice tea ?

Yoghurt, ice coffee,
coffee with milk ?

Gin with tonic ?
Ham sandwich ?