Hollywood Ending

This is a textbook scenario.
physically, you're 100 percent.

But just like someone who
has an hysterical paralysis...

a patient who's fine
but he can't walk...

or a patient who loses
his or her voice...

from witnessing a horrible shock
or any extreme,
stress-related trauma...

Being a film director,
your inner-conflicts...

have chosen to express
themselves in this
very telling fashion.

psychosomatically blind.

- How can I get rid of it?
- By treatment.

By understanding the roots
of your conflict...

- there's every chance that
this blindness will go away.
- How quickly?

Well, real growth
is always very slow.

- [Door Closes]
- There goes my comeback.

You cannot breathe
a word of this to anybody.

I gotta tell 'em, Al.
You know, I just dread
telling Ellie.

Are you nuts?
They'll fire you.

Fire me?
I obviously can't
direct the picture.

What are you talking about?
How can you blow this shot?

What are you talking about?
I'm blind.

- Nobody knows.
- What the hell does that mean?
What are you suggesting?

If you pull out
of this project now
because psychological stress...

has caused you
to lose your sight,
you'll never work again.

- They'll burn your union card.
- Maybe they could postpone it.

Oh, yeah,
because you're blind?

Val, direct this picture
and bring in a hit...

or I leave you
with two words: homeless man.

- I can't direct...
How can l...
- I'm telling you how.

You're going
to muddle your way through
until your sight returns.

Al, I can't direct
a picture. I'm blind.

Have you seen some
of the pictures out there?

The first five minutes
they'll catch me.

Maybe they will,
maybe they won't.

If they do, you're no worse off
than if you confess...

because you're finished
in the business anyway.

You gotta be joking.
I'll take one step on the set,
I'll break my neck.

No, no, no.
I'll come with you.