Ice Age

Give me a break.
We've been wandering with our babies.
Go ahead. Follow the crowd.
Be quiet when you're gone.
Come on.
I'm up, I'm up!
Rising sign, everybody.
Zeke? Mashu?
Birdie? Uncle Fungis?
Where is everybody?
Come on, guys.
We gonna miss the mi . . .

My patient.
They left without me.
They do this every year!
Why? Doesn't anyone love me?
Isn't there anyone who cares
about Sid the Sloth?

All right, I'll just go by myself.
Oh. Stinks!
Hey, wait, buddy!
Tell me next time!

I can't believe it.
Fresh and green.

Frank, you're cutest ever.
Go ahead, pick it.
A dandelion.
I thought the frost wipe them all out.

All but one.
Make me so. . .
This is definitely not been my day.
You know what I'm saying, buddy?

What a mess.
Hey, you rhino, you have really
nice race, do you know that?

It's just a fact.
You know what I'm talking about.
A dandelion.
Must be the last one of season.
Easy, Frankie.

He ruined our salad.