Igby Goes Down

Did you even, for a second...
...think about how this reflects upon me?
I am not going to go through this again.
You had a chance. You flunked everything.

That's almost impressive. It really is.
You know what's going to
happen to you now, mister?

Do you know where your sterling
performance is going to take you now...

...little man?
- Cadet report!
- Oh, shit!

Second watch is early.
Lights out!
In your bunks!
You heard him. Let's go!
All right, Mr. Patterson, lights out!
What part of "lights out"
don't you understand?

- Turtle! The spray!
- In your bunk, Mistletoe!

All right, Fredrick, you know the rules.
Both of you, lights out! In your bunks!
This is your godfather, Igby.
Are you listening to me?

This is the best thing that could have
happened to you, military school.

To get out of that comfortable world
you were raised in. Strike out on your own.

You know those East Coast country club
schools do you no good in the real world.

It might be tough now,
but it's gonna make you tough.