Igby Goes Down

Can I help you?
You remember me?
From the Hamptons John Birch Cotillion.

Yeah. How you doin'?
Come on in.
So, you said you'd come by and you did.
A month later.

- Love what you've done with the space.
- I love what the space has done to her.

- Igby.
- This is my friend, Russel.

- Hi.
- Hi.

- Igby is D.H.'s....
- Godson.

- Russel's just--
- What?

He's just a brilliant artist.
So, what are you doing here?
St. Anthony's accepted me.
I'm on the lam.
- You want to stay here?
- If there's enough room.

You can't stay here.
I don't even live here.
I rent this space to work in. I work here.

I pay rent.
D.H. doesn't even know you're here?

It's kind of awkward.
I don't know what you're gonna do,
because there isn't an extra key...

...and only D.H. can get them made, so....
There's an extra key on the windowsill
in the hallway, the landing outside the door.

But it has to be here when D.H. needs it.
- Why would D.H. need it?
- Fuck you!

You can stay here for a couple days
and that's it.

Contrary to popular belief,
D.H. is my landlord.

I'm an established artist. I work here.
My projects are supported.

I can't afford to fuck up my relationship
with my landlord. Do you understand?

So, let yourself in and out...
...with the key,
but each time he reaches for it...

- ...it's there waiting for him.
- Sure.

I don't wanna know you're here
or see any traces of you in here.

For a couple of days.
I'm just gonna run to the bathroom.