You know something, Charlie?
Maybe this isn't such a hot idea.

A guy picks up a bag,
don't make him guilty.

Will, it's solid.
I don't know. This kind of thing.
Maybe we do this by the numbers.

- Come on.
- I.A. 's gonna be on my ass.

I don't want this turning up in some
court when my rep's in the shit...

...and they're pulling apart my cases.
- Bullshit.

What the fuck you care?!
Someone beat a girl to death.
Your job is to find him.

You're a cop, not a lawyer.
Don't let I.A. cut your balls off.

Charlie's right, Will.
OP 1, this is OP 2.
We still got nothing.

Yeah, it's nice. Light.
All plastic except for the barrel.
Never rusts.

What do you carry down in L.A.?
- Smith & Wesson.45.
- Excellent.

- Anything?
- No.

- Maybe he doesn't listen to the radio.
- He prefers the voices in his head.

Hey, Will?
We have somebody moving
towards the cabin.

Okay, fan out.
Nice and easy.